Furry Tails Kennels, Melmerby, Penrith
Holiday accommodation for Dogs in Cumbria
Warm and friendly environment for your dog!
Golden Retriever
HAppy, relaxed Golden Retriever at Furry Tails Kennels & Cattery



The kennels are spacious, and there is background heating to keep the dogs cosy and comfortable.

I have a large secure paddock for them to run, play, and be free (over an acre)

The animals day will start around 8am when they will be woken.

They will each get a turn in the paddock, and their kennels will be checked and cleaned

They will partake of breakfast, or a treat, depending on your usual routine.

Throughout the day they will get exercise in the paddock, and will never be left in their kennels for more than 3 hours.

Any medication required will be administered as per your instruction

If you require any basic training for your dog this can be arranged for a charge, or I can recommend a local dog trainer who does one to one, or classes nearby.


The cats will be woken around 8am, and will be checked and cleaned.

They will be fed as per your instruction and usual routine.

They will then be visited throughout the day to make sure all is well, and fussed and petted if they allow.

Any medication required will be administered as per your instruction

I offer a safe, warm, cosy, clean holiday home for your best friends, and please be assured I will do everything to keep your pet happy.

Please note if your pet needs injections, I am also willing to do this (eg for diabetes etc)

Grooming Parlour

We now have a fully kitted grooming parlour, which you can hire by the hour and bathe your own dog, with or without my help, or a qualified groomer will take care of your dog's every needs.

Paddock Hire

Got a dog which cannot be trusted off a lead? Come and use our spacious secure paddock and let your dog have a safe run about. Take this time to train your dog basic recall in a safe environment. It is for hire for £5 for 30 mins. All dog poos must be cleaned up after your dog. Limited times for this around the needs of the resident guests.